Tae Kwon Do gives me physical boosts along with mental boosts. Physical boosts are great. Tae Kwon Do strengthens my muscles so they are stronger and bigger than before. It gives me speed because my legs are a lot stronger now and can push farther. It also gets me swifter because I can dodge quicker and move quicker.

Mental boosts are just as good. Martial Arts strengthen my mind a lot so my brain is bigger and smarter. It gives me more bravery and confidence. My eyesight is quicker and stronger, and so is my hearing.

Once I was on the bus in 1st grade where I was sitting next to a kindergartner and suddenly started punching me. I used my Tae Kwon do blocks, then I realized I wasn’t so I grabbed his hands for him to stop, then he started to kick. I pinned down his legs. You think he stopped? Nope. He started HEADBUTTING me! I finally said “ stop! That hurts! “ and he stopped.”  There is no game that wants you to fight in real life.” I said. The bus driver heard and told him not to do that again. Also, my strength helped me endure the pain. This happened when I was a green belt.

Meditation is an important part of Tae Kwon Do. It has physical and mental boosts.

There may not be many physical attributes, but they are just as good as any other amount. Meditation helps your agility, sense it strengthens your legs and body. It gets your muscles to be used as a defense and/or offense. It doesn’t matter there are more mental boosts than physical, yet it is helpful. Meditation focuses your senses , so you are quicker at things. It gets you swift and speedy, too. It calms you a lot. Meditation also alerts you to any changes and/ or movements.

There was a time that I was mad at a game on the computer. I forgot what the name was. I was very mad because the computer was being stubborn.  I finally sat down on the floor and meditated for about five minutes. I was jumbled and frustrated and I couldn’t control myself very well. I felt a LOT better when I went back to the game. I felt very calm and collected, as if had turned into a whole other person over that small period of time. It happened about when I was a blue belt.

One another story. I was in class (6/8/17) and I was working on an assignment. I had trouble thinking about the topic I was writing about. I was just like” Yes! Finally an ideal! Noooooooo! I forgot it! I think I’m getting it again. UGH! NOT AGAIN! And on and on and on and on….. Eventually I felt like crying and giving up so I got out of my chair, pushed it in, sat on the floor, and got in a meditation position. I felt better already. I started meditating for a couple of minutes. I heard people saying stuff like “Move!”, ‘ Fiona, what are you doing?’,why are you meditating/”,’Can’t you meditate in your chair?”, ”I HATE WHEN SHE MEDITATES.”(the worst) and other various things. Eventually Julian (my friend) tapped me and said “Fiona, I think you will be OK now.” And I got up. I answered the "can’t you meditate in the chair" question by showing Maddie. (She asked it.)


If I had never taken Martial Arts in the first place, life would have been just crazy.

Above, when the kid started punching/kicking/headbutting me, I would have just sat there, surprised and full of pain. I would have eventually said “Stop!” but that would be a long time after he started. When my computer was being stubborn (again, above) I would have just sat and cried on the couch and put up a fit and destroy hope of happiness. I would do worse in school. I am currently in the highest group – “ The Cheetahs” – but if I hadn’t taken Tae Kwon Do or any kind of Martial Arts I would be in the “ Tigers, “ which is in the middle of the Lions (lowest) and the Cheetahs. Also, in Math, I would instead of being in Yellow group (best) I might be in Blue group (closer to Yellow than Green and Orange) but hopefully not Orange or Green. (the worst group to be in)

That’s how Martial Arts has helped me.