Congratulations everyone on your August 18, 2018 test at Midlothian Athletic Club. The following students have advanced to the next belt:

Piper Stewart: Purple Belt
Emmitt Stewart: Purple belt
Brax Hills: Purple belt
Braxton Hills:  1st Degree Black belt 7th gup
Walker Hills: 1st Degree Black belt 7th gup
David barrios: Purple belt
Beckett Walker: Purple belt
Mohsen Zarei: 1st Degree Black belt 3rd gup
Eli Dean: Black/White belt
Dinkus Dean: Red/Black belt
Joseph Rhoades: Purple belt
Ned Slichenmyer: 1st Degree Black belt 3rd gup
Charlie Slichenmyer: 4th Degree Black belt 3rd gup
Jennifer Dubon: Yellow belt
Alejandro Dubon; Yellow belt