Self confidence is situational

Most people aren't aware of the fact that self confidence levels changes according to the activity they are doing. For example you might be confident talking to a stranger but totally scared when delivering a presentation.

In other words self confidence is situational as it depends on the beliefs you have about the task you are doing. This also means that you can actually improve your self confidence in one area and still have low confidence in other areas.

How good are you with computers?
Do you use them perfectly? Then you are confident when it comes to using computers. Now how good are you with people? Are you less confident? then you need to work on that area.

Now can being confident in one area affect your levels of confidence in other areas? yes this can happen in some case. Now what does all this has to do with martial arts?

Does martial arts increase self confidence?

Recently i got so many emails from people who were wondering whether practicing martial arts can help them become more confident or not. Mainly those people were wondering whether its worth the time and effort to practice martial arts.

There are many areas in your life where martial arts would increase your confidence levels. Here are some of them:

  • 1) Bullying: One of the things that hurts the most about being bullied is feeling that you are helpless. Once you realize you have a way out (even if you didn't use it) bullying will hurt much less and you will become more confident in the face of bullies

  • 2) Masculinity & Inferiority: Men feel inferior as a result of believing that they are not masculine enough. The media has brainwashed men in such a way that a shot or a slim man might feel insecure about his masculinity. Now the good thing about martial arts is that they can restore some of this confidence back and make the person feel good about his masculinity

  • 3) Attractiveness: You might have already read somewhere that women like tough men and bad boys. One of the things that make men much more attractive to women is their ability to protect their families and surely martial arts can help men do that

How long will it take for my self confidence to improve

First of all put in mind that by practicing martial arts you will be improving your confidence in many areas but not all of them. For example, don't expect yourself to deliver perfect presentations after learning martial arts.

Now as you keep learning your confidence will gradually increase in the respective areas. In many cases you can feel much better in a matter of 2 weeks if you strongly believed in the martial art you are practicing.

This is why you should go for a martial art that you trust and believe in for the stronger your belief in it the faster will your confidence increase.

by: M. Farouk Radwan, MSc