Basic kicks

Front Kick - ap-chagee

The knee is brought up first and then the foot is snapped out to hit the target. The toes are pulled back so that the strike is with the ball of the foot.


Side Kick - yup-chagee

The body turns to the side and the knee is bent to chamber the foot. The sideways position to the target allows the power to come from the hip. The strike is made using the heel of the foot which is angled so that the toes are pointed downward.


Roundhouse Kick - dolyuh chagee

The body turns to the side swinging the leg around with the knee bent. As the leg straightens out the target is hit with the top of the instep. This kick also draws from the strength of the hip.

Axe Kick - naeryo-chagee

This is a downward strike with the heel of the foot. The kicking leg (with knee straight) is thrust upward and quickly brought down to strike the target. This kick is difficult to block.


Back Kick - dwee-chagee

The head turns backward in the direction of the kicking foot until the target is in sight. The foot is thrust out (donkey kick) and the strike is with the heel of the foot.
There are many variations on the basic back kick.

Crescent Kick - chiki-chagee

There are two versions: in-to-out - the kicking leg comes across in front of the body with the knee bent making an upward arc. The strike is with the top of the foot. out-to-in the kicking leg swings to the outside and arcs back inward. The strike is with the bottom of the foot.