Basic Stances

Front Stance - jungoolse

The front knee is bent, back leg is straight. Both feet are pointed forward and the chest is square. This stance is used most often when making a forward punch in forms like Chongi, for instance.

Back Stance - foogoolse

Both knees are bent, the front foot is pointing forward, back foot is pointing outward (feet form an “L” shape). 70% of body weight is on back leg. This stance is often used in forms when blocking and is the basic fighting stance.

Horseback Stance - kimase

Both knees are bent with the torso centered over the legs and square. The knees are turned out but the feet are turned in. This stance does not feel natural.

Crane Stance

The fists are chambered at waist level on the same side as the standing leg. The bottom hand is horizontal while the top hand is vertical. The other leg is raised with the foot at knee level of the standing leg.


Cat Stance

The front knee is bent with the ball of the foot on floor a few inches out from rear foot. The feet are turned to form an “L”. The knee of rear leg is slightly bent.