Practices and TRADITION

When entering or exiting the dojang one should bow. If the American and Korean flags are present one should bow to both flags.

Students should always bow to senior members and instructors. This is an ancient display of respect when greeting or addressing a senior ranked member.

Students should pay close attention to the cleanliness of the dojang and assist where needed. The student represents the dojang and, likewise, the dojang reflects the student.

Each class ends with paying respect to the instructor and senior ranking student by bowing and repeating “kam sa hap ni da” (com sah hop knee da). This is an acknowledgment of gratitude for the training. Tips for getting the most from your practice: There is no weapon greater than attentiveness. Watch and listen carefully. Greater skill is gained through active listening and active participation. The school is the result of the students’ desire to learn. Do not consider yourself a visitor in the dojang, but rather a vital part of the school. When you become part of the school, learning becomes easier and more enjoyable. Train hard. Put emphasis into your training and watch the progress of your development. During practice learn to make every move sharp, every motion crisp. The attention to detail makes the difference in and out of the dojang. Don’t expect instant results. When you encounter a “wall”, try to solve the problem instead of giving up. Often the problem comes from lack of either commitment, discipline or motivation. Once you have dedicated yourself you will find both the satisfaction and the stimulus you need. Children must depend on their parents for commitment. Ask senior students or the masters for help. They have also encountered walls. Remember, you represent Grandmaster Gibson and the school. Let your actions reflect their teachings.




Being instructed is a privilege, therefore as a student there are certain responsibilities and rules to abide by.


I will respect Grandmaster Gibson, his black-belt instructors, senior members, and the dojang.

I will respect the authority and wisdom of Grandmaste Gibson.

I will report to class on time.

I will pay my dues according to schedule.

I will advance my school whenever and however possible by recommending it to others and being a positive model of its teachings.

I will not enter into any other training agreements or tournaments without first consulting with Grandmaster Gibson.

I will strive to perfect each lesson and continue my efforts through each stage of development.

As a junior member (child), I will adhere to strict academic study.

I will not teach the methods learned in class to anyone without the permission of Grandmaster Gibson.

I will never use my skill to harm others accept as a last resort in self defense.