care of the body

Massage is used to repair injuries, relieve tension, promote circulation, and for cosmetic effects. Before beginning any of the following massages, the hands should be rubbed together to generate heat to promote healing. This is traditionally done 36 times for a number of reasons.


for baldness, receding hairline and grey hair

Rub hands together to create heat. Pressing lightly with the fingertips, move from the eyebrows over the top of the head to the base on the skull. Repeat 7 - 8 times.


for tension headaches and wrinkles

Rub hands to create heat. Place thumb and forefinger of right hand at temples on either side of the head. Pressing lightly move the hand up until the hairline is reached. Follow with the left hand and continue in a hand-over-hand manner.


for relief of facial tension, aches, blemishes, toning facial muscles and decreasing age lines

Rub hands together to generate heat. With the right thumb and index fingers pressing lightly at the temples, rub the face gently from eyes to chin. Follow with the left hand.  Rub the hands together again and rub the chin in the same hand-over-hand method. Repeat for the throat.


for the relief of sinus congestion

After rubbing hands together, make a “V” with the index and middle fingers and place them on either side of the nose.  Press lightly while moving the fingers from the cheeks out to the eyes. Repeat 7 - 8 times. Also rub back and forth under the nose using the side of the index finger.


for correcting eyesight and relieving tension

Place the tips of the middle and fourth fingers on the eyelids and lightly circle the fingers inward moving the lids but not the eyeballs.  Then, place the finger tips on the eyelids again and rotate the ball of the eyes while the lids remain still.


for relief of ringing in the ears and for improved hearing

After rubbing hands together, form a “V” with the index and middle finger. With the middle finger in front of the ear and the index finger behind, rub both ears at the same time.  Rub the hands together again and press lightly into the opening of the ears.  Rub the hands together to generate warmth. Cup one hand over each ear then rub with the palms. Hold the hands over the ears and press palms gently inward, slowly release.


for strength, relaxation and relief of arthritis pain

Press the center of the hands, one at a time.


for relief of aches and tired muscles of the back

Rub the hands together to generate heat and rub the back gently with both hands.


for relief of arthritis pain, injuries and soreness

After rubbing the hands together to generate heat, rub the knees in a circular pattern.


for injuries to the shin and leg fatigue

Rub the feet together to create warmth then use the Achilles tendon to rub the shin of the opposite leg. Repeat 7 - 8 times.


relief from injuries

Rub hands together creating warmth and while seated rub each ankle one at a time using both hands.


to improve circulation and relieve injuries and fatigue

Rub the hands together creating heat then use the fingers to rub the foot in a downward direction. Repeat several times on both feet. Next, press the thumb in the center of the bottom of the foot,
just below the ball. Gently bend the toes forward and backward. Place the second knuckle of the index and middle at the base on either side of the toe. (The knuckles will be between the toes.) Applying gentle pressure, slide the knuckles up to the top of the toe.


In addition to massage, joint rotation is also beneficial

Rotate the wrists, ankles and head in one direction and then the other. This should always be done slowly. These techniques will stimulate tired muscles and increase strength and flexibility. They may be practiced at any time but the most preferable times are before bed and early in the morning.